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Rapid Salad Maker

$29.90 $99.99

"I have always wanted to eat salads more but was always turned away by the thought of actually prepping a good salad. I finally decided to buy one of these salad cutter bowls and it was well worth it. 😊 It literally takes a minute or two to create a perfectly cut up salad. I just love the ease of use! ❤️Would like to recommend to others!"⭐ - Craig V., KS

Get a great discount on our Rapid Salad Maker while the SPRING SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $69.99.

Our Rapid Salad Maker allows you to save time making healthy salads for you and your family. It is easy and habit forming to make a salad every day. Finish making your awesome salad in only 60 seconds!


  • CLEAN & SAFE: Cutting board free, and there is no need for you to clean too much containers anymore. Just cut all kinds of fruits or vegetables directly in the cutter bowl. And there is no need to worry about cutting your finger anymore.
  • PRACTICAL & MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The bowl can be used as a strainer, with which you can wash your lettuce together, the pedestal can be used as a cut board. Just sets them up for a perfect Cross cutting. Spin the strainer and slice your fruit or vegetable smaller.
  • GREAT HELPER FOR HEALTHY LIFE: The salad container matches a variety of foods, keeping nutrition balanced. It is also the great helper for a family to live a healthy life.
  • Dimensions: 7x8.85x3.93 inch