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Door Shoe Organizer

$39.90 $119.99

"Having no place to store my shoes was driving me nuts, and I was always tripping over shoes. I wasn’t sure if the pockets in the organizer would be large enough for my Crocs, but they fit perfectly. A must for any closet." - Anna D., OH

Get a great discount on our Door Shoe Organizer while the SPRING SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $119.99.


  • Door Shoe Organizer can store and organize 12 pairs of shoes neatly without taking up extra floor space and can be folded when not in use
  • Shoe organizer made of strong yet breathable fabric with reinforced seams for additional strength and support
  • Not only be used as a shoe organizer, but also store your underwear, leggings socks, towels, toys, baby's diapers and some small items of clothing in your house
  • Keep messy stuff at eye level, such as wallet, first-aid supplies, keys, chargers, sunglasses or contact lens case
  • Offers ample space for storing accessories in the pantry, bedroom, laundry closet, cloakroom, bathroom, wardrobe, entrance door or even for classroom use
  • Each package includes 1 x Door Shoe Organizer and 3 x Hangers


  • Dimensions: 64.37 inch (163.5 cm) x 19.09 inch (48.5 cm)


1 x Door Shoe Organizer
3 x Hangers