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Buy One And Get One Free: Heat Shrink Tube Set

$19.90 $89.99

"These shrink tubes are awesome. I wish I would have discovered them years (and several charger cords) ago. Ear buds, charger cords and trailer wiring splices are what I've used them for so far. I've proactively added them to all of my families charger cords to help prevent wear. The added strength and elimination of the single stress point will absolutely extend the life of these cords. One of the best purchases." - Jacob K., KS 

Get a great discount on our Heat Shrink Tube Set while the SPRING SALE is on. Once we sell 500 units, we will be increasing the price back up to $89.99.

ATTENTION: This Listing is Buy One, Get One Free. You will be receiving TWO sets (164 pcs/set) for the price of $19.90.


  • Heat shrink tube is a type of extruded plastic tubing that can be cut to size and fitted over a wire or cable joint to protect and insulate the connection
  • When heat is applied the tubing shrinks permanently providing a protective seal
  • The tubing contained in this versatile set is in a range of colors, and diameters to suit a range of different applications
  • Environmental protection against moisture, dust, and chemicals and mechanical protection to wires and small parts from abrasion
  • Suitable for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, mechanical protection, wire/cable joints, DIY, RC drones and daily repairs
  • Each set includes 164 x Heat Shrink Tubes


  • Tube A: 0.04 inch (1 mm) x 1.6 inch (40 mm)
  • Tube B: 0.08 inch (2 mm) x 1.6 inch  (40 mm)
  • Tube C: 0.12 inch (3 mm) x 1.6 inch (40 mm)
  • Tube D: 0.16 inch (4 mm) x 1.6 inch (40 mm)
  • Tube E: 0.24 inch (6 mm) x 1.6 inch (40 mm)
  • Tube F: 0.3 inch (8 mm) x 3.2 inch (80 mm)
  • Tube G: 0.4 inch (10 mm) x 3.2 inch (80 mm)
  • Tube H: 0.6 inch (14 mm) x 3.2 inch (80 mm)


60 x Tube A (1 mm x 40 mm)
30 x Tube B (2 mm x 40 mm)
16 x Tube C (3 mm x 40 mm)
16 x Tube D (4 mm x 40 mm)
16 x Tube E (6 mm x 40 mm)
10 x Tube F (8 mm x 80 mm)
8 x Tube G (10 mm x 80 mm)
8 x Tube H (14 mm x 80 mm)

We will send you 2x Heat Shrink Tube Sets (164 pcs/set) for the price of one!